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198. Invitations


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Invitations.

I might have called this, options, instead but really, invitations is more like it.

We all tend to think that we are very limited in our choices of what we can do, who we can be, and that this is so because of “other people” or “circumstances” rather than actually being under our own control.

In truth, we have many choices and many options open to us, and I call these things “invitations” because that’s what they are, an open invitation to something or to be someone – only we say “NO, THANK YOU,” to most of these.

Let me give you an example.

I can play guitar, and even though I don’t know this, the very fact I do constitutes an open invitation to teach other people to play guitar.

I have a standing invitation for a career or part time employment as a guitar teacher!

But that’s obviously just the tip of the iceberg, and not just in my case, but for EVERYONE I know.

If you’re reasonably young and good looking, there’s a standing invitation for you to be a strippogram; if you like plants, that’s a standing invitation for you to be a gardener. If you can read and write, you can be a teacher to those who can’t. It is veritably ENDLESS how many of these invitations to do this, or be that, at least for a while exist in everyone’s life.

So today, spend 60 seconds to reflect on some of your own “standing, open invitations” that you have chosen to say “NO THANKS” to, and get a sense of how much more control there is over your opportunities and unfoldments than you ever thought was possible.

Very interesting!

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