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197. Zeitgeist


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Zeitgeist.

Do you recognise this word, Zeitgeist?

It is German and means, “The Spirit Of Time” if you translate it directly, but it’s more correct to call it “The Spirit Of The Day”.

Zeitgeist refers to a shared and underlying movement in the collective consciousness of a society; it is behind all fashion, all innovation, all the concerns of that particular time and it reflects in art and culture, architecture and of course, what is being bought and sold.

When a company or the leader of a company looses touch with the Zeitgeist, they become old fashioned, outmoded, derailed into a backwater and they are no longer players in the game of current affairs.

If, on the other hand, you are in touch with the Zeitgeist, you are at the cutting edge of what you’re doing in your field and you can even lead and develop there; at the very least, you’ll make a lot of money because what you are doing is “in sync” with the deep developments and movements of society that provides your customers.

So imagine for a moment, if you will, that you take off your clothes and put on a timeless robe of white, and enter into a space capsule that will take you high up above the planet Earth.

Here, you can perceive ALL the media communication, all TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, Internet, art and movies, all at once; here, you can sense EVERY conversation in pubs and bars, school cafeterias, parliamentary buildings, business meetings – all of that is a rushing, whispering static and from up here, you can begin to notice patterns in this, rivers and flows that organise all of this on a deep level, and deeper still, a singular flow of unfoldment – that is our Zeitgeist, a smooth flowing gigantic river that connects the world of humans and touches them all.

Take a moment to tune into that river, to understand it and to familiarise with it.

Let it teach you what you need to know so that the Zeitgeist will now work for you and you work with it in all ways, so it becomes a friend to you and something you are comfortable with in navigating.

Come back when you are ready, fresh and young, and very well done, if I may say!

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