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196. A Clear Path To Success

A Clear Path To Success

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Clear Path To Success.

Something esoteric but exceptionally powerful today – have you ever had the feeling or the thought that someone might be standing in the way, between you and your success in life?

It is said that we “are the people we have met” and that everyone leaves a residue or imprint with us; and for some amongst us, we have met people who have definitely been a personal road block to success.

In a moment, I want you to think of someone who you consider to still to this day be a person who stands between you, and that which you want to achieve in this life.

See the person clearly in front of you, standing on a direct path that is leading straight to your success.

Take a moment to gain a balance, look at them, engage with them, and tell them to step aside.

You can do this nicely, you can do this commandingly, you can do this forcefully; either way, get them to step aside so that the path ahead is perfectly clear and you can see all the way to your success.

Now and to be tidy, turn to the person, if they are still there, and ask them where they need to be right now, and by all means, assist them to go EXACTLY there, so they are really and truly “out of your way”, once and for all.

Once they are gone absolutely, take a moment to view the path that is unfolding for you now, without that incumberance and blockage, and note how much better that feels, and how freeing that is.

Excellent work!

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