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194. Increasing The Complexity

Increasing The Complexity

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Increasing The Complexity.

Today, I’ll give you one of those golden master keys they hand out to 7th degree initiates – it is an age old secret to resolve problems that virtually nobody knows about these days.

It is a mental movement *into complexity* - to make matters more complicated than they already are by adding more, and more, contributing factors into the equation.

This is exactly the opposite of what people are trained to do from the minute their training as people in our current societies begins – here, we are trained to reduce DOWN complexities of reality into little chunks, into simple black and white, nice easy child’s toy blocks and colours, because if we didn’t, we could never make sense of it all, right?

Ah but you see, that’s wrong.

We all have these fantastic brains that are designed to calculate the n-complexity of reality, and the movement we need to learn to make in a moment of overwhelm in a complicated situation is not to try and flinch away and make it simpler, but to head straight into the complexity and to INCREASE IT.

When you do that, it gets uncomfortable at first but then you break through a threshold and out the other side into a different kind of clarity – namely where you get to see the big, powerful META PATTERNS that are behind the seemingly chaotic swarms of details.

And that’s something that only 1% of 1% of the population know how to do.

But it’s easy.

In a moment, think of a situation or a problem that you would class as “very complicated” already, with lots of different aspects and factors playing a part.

Look at the situation, and then increase the complexity – look for even MORE factors that play a part in this, and even more still, and including little aspects and contributors. Breathe deeply as you do and keep on going until the whole things shifts – and what was previously a complicated problem isn’t at all, because you can see the heart of it from a higher perspective and with all the factors that are playing a part in it.

This is a fantastic exercise, give it your best shot!

195. Creating Change In The World

Someone wrote to me to tell me that they had acted on one of these 60 second exercises, telephoned a supplier immediately afterwards and put something to rights, there and then, that had been niggling them for a long time. They were delighted and wanted to share this with me.

I was delighted for them – and it made me think.

If only a minute percentage of the many thousands of people doing these exercises every day are acting on only a minute percentage of these many exercises, that is CHANGE.

It is change that ripples outward from the recipient of the exercise, and in the case above, then touches the supplier, and they now make changes, and so it goes on.

It occurred to me that I have managed to change the world!

Not radically, not every part of it, but I’ve certainly instigated change by writing and distributing these exercises.

That made me happy and delighted, because I always thought that changing the world was either impossible, or a terrifically difficult task involving legions of mechanised spiders or such!

So today, I want you to think about your business, and how it changes the world.

What happens when someone engages with your business, your products, your literature, and how that then ripples outwards to touch others – and how YOU feel about changing the world!

Just 60 seconds, here and now … :-)

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