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193. Questions, Questions …

Questions, Questions …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Questions, Questions ….

Questions are an extraordinary device, not to get at any form of truth, but just to crank up our mental processes, produce flow and forward movement, and indeed I’ve been known to say it’s that it isn’t the people who have all the answers who hold the power, but the people who ask the right questions.

This exercise seems a little strange at first but bear with me, it’s very interesting.

We’re going to spend our 60 seconds today coming up with three questions (or more if you want to, but at least 3) that you would ask if you knew that you could ask these questions safely.

Here’s what I mean by that.

All of us adults are in positions where we are supposed to know what we’re doing.

We get so used to PRETENDING that we do, to ourselves and others, that certain basic, simple questions now cannot be asked any longer because you would reveal how little you actually know, and how much is missing in the foundations on which you are trying to build.

So have a moment and think. What are these three questions that, if you could ask them, and they would be answered, would help you right now in the most tremendous way?

Don’t judge them and don’t second guess yourself – let yourself be surprised and accept what comes to you.

Questions, ahoy!

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