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192. Golden Vases Supermarket Exercise

Golden Vases Supermarket Exercise

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Golden Vases Supermarket Exercise.

I’m sure you know that supermarkets put all the things they really want to sell to you in preference on the shelf at eye level, not below and not above; that’s where they keep the bargains and hide the products where the profit isn’t as high.

It’s quite natural but not necessarily useful to have such “judgemental strata” in our minds; and for systems thinking, it can positively be problem.

So here’s our exercise to learn to think and see differently.

In a moment, imagine that you are standing in an otherwise empty space and before you stands an empty cupboard, rather large and wide, with three empty shelves – the middle one is at eye level, the top one right up above and over your head and the bottom one starts around waist level and continues down to the ground.

Make a golden vase appear in front of you and on the middle shelf.

Now fill the entire middle shelf with these golden vases.

Notice how the ones directly in front of you seem brighter and shinier, and as the others move off into your periphery, they are duller and darker.

Now, fill the other two shelves with the exact same type of vase and notice how that effect happens again, only that even right in front of you, the vases on the top and bottom shelf appear much duller and become virtually invisible the further out to the ends they are.

Yet all these vases are in essence, exactly the same and as shiny as any one of them.

Take one step back in your mind’s eye, expand your vision and see all the vases in the same brightness, in the same light.

Isn’t that fascinating?

And much closer to the truth … :-)

Well done!

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