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191. Words Of Encouragement

Words Of Encouragement

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Words Of Encouragement.

One of the things about being a real adult is that we stop looking for mommy, daddy and teachers for encouragement, but that we learn to generate this from within ourselves.

Indeed, a lot of problems that many of today’s adults experience is because they should have had certain things pointed out to them when they were young, but that never happened; and so they keep on searching for this in so many different ways.

For today’s exercise, I want you to think of a simple sentence that you have always wanted to hear and experience, but no-one has ever said this to you, and most likely, they never will now for a variety of reasons.

I want you to be honest and straightforward, and try a few different phrasings in your mind before you decide on the most direct and impactful form to say those words.

Write them in a plain email without anything else around them, sign them with your name and email these words of encouragement, of hope or healing to yourself.

Take a deep breath and do this now.

It’s important.

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