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190. I Take It Back

I Take It Back

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: I Take It Back.

When we are young, and younger than we are today, by needs we just don’t have the experience that we have now, and often lack the bigger picture.

So it happens that we make pledges, decisions and VOWs (Very Overriding Warrants) that become structures inside our matrix, like computer programmes that don’t even have a desktop shortcut anymore but every time you switch it on, they run anyway and sap processing power.

Some of these can even destabilise your entire system!

So today, I want you to find just ONE of these pledges you made when you were younger and that has long been standing in the way of your success, and we today, we will simply take it back and make it null and void from this day forth.

This can be things like, “I’ll never be anything like my father,” but he was a very shrewd and successful business man, which you are not allowed to be because of that decision. It might be something from your teenage years, “Only complete re-distribution of all wealth to the needy will save the world!” It may be from any dark moment when you were upset and cried, “I’ll never make it!”

It matters not just where these vows did come from – just pick one that has really been getting in your way for some time.

Have it be there, right in front of you.

Have it be strong, and real.

Reach out with both hands, take it right back and draw it into your heart of energy, the central furnace of our energy body that has the power to burn such things right up and even use them for fuel to power new endeavours.

As you do so, say, “I this back in every way,” out aloud, so that we are all sure that this is your will.

Take a few moments to notice how that changes things and then continue with your day.


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