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187. Animation


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Animation.

A lot of physical problems that bring more stress and distraction in their wake come from folk like us sitting hunched in front of computers for hours on end, in a singular position, as our mind is engaging with what we’re doing and the body is mostly left behind.

Today’s exercise is great fun and a wonderful antidote to stress blockages in your system. It wakes up tired muscles and lets our blood and energy both flow freely and happily for a moment.

It’s a mini holiday for your system!


Imagine for a moment that you are on a date that is going really, REALLY well. You are having a wonderful time with a partner of your choice. You are laughing and telling jokes, really connecting, in a nice location and you’re simply having FUN.

Notice, for a moment, how in that situation ALL OF YOU IS MOVING, all the time.

How ANIMATED you become.

You are nodding your head, waving your hands, tapping your feet, moving forward and backwards and even if you are not getting up from your chair at all, there is all this natural MOVEMENT going on, all across your systems.

So for 60 seconds, simply pretend you are at that date and pretend you are answering back and reacting to what is happening to get a sense of that ANIMATED mode of feeling, moving, FLOWING your entire body.

This is a cool exercise, and the better you act it out, the more you can actually feel just how that improves the energy flow in your body – and your state of mind!


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