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185. More, And Closer

More, And Closer

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: More, And Closer.

I was talking to someone who had recently been divorced, and they were very negative about their ex and the time they’d spent together. Their most important point was that they had wasted a decade on a hopeless cause – and as we know, we don’t have that many decades to waste.

I tried to make them see the bright side and asked, “But surely, there were good times too?”

To which the person replied, “Too few, and far too far apart!”

This made me laugh and think about businesses, and how they are like a major marriage we enter into, and how important it is to have “star moments” in your working life, and many of them, at that.

If we don’t, we look back after a time and we have the same sense of “wasted decades” because we didn’t have enough fun, and it was too long from one incidence of fun to the next as well.

So today, I would like you to take 60 seconds to reflect on what aspects of your business are the most fun, and how you can make it so that you have more magic moments, more often.

That’s the secret of “having fun in time” – bringing up the intensity, and the frequency, of good times being had, with a will, and with a vengeance!

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