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184. Error Message Lesson

Error Message Lesson

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Error Message Lesson.

You know what an error message is, right?

This is when you’ve done something wrong, and the programme you are dealing with flashes up a little box and TELLS YOU that you’ve done something wrong.

Now it is extraordinary how in some programmes, the error messages are alright to receive; some are actually helpful and you go, “Oh, ok, fair enough.”

And then there are other error messages that just manage to phrase themselves in such a way that you want to punch the computer!

What we want to learn to do is to give other people error messages that cause the “Oh, ok, fair enough, yeah, I see what you mean,” response rather than being punched in the face, literally or metaphorically, or, worse still, not flash up an error message when you really should in fear of what might happen if you do!

For today’s exercise, I want you tune into the feel of what it is like to receive an error message you don’t mind and that’s actually logical and helpful, and have that be on the right side in front of you, so you know what that is.

Now, look to the left and there, remember and tune into the feel of what the other evil messages are like.

Look from one to the other so you can tell the difference, and more importantly, FEEL the difference as you contact those very different energy fields.

Take a deep breath, point at the evil field and EXPLODE IT from the inside out, so it flies apart and is no longer there.

Now, move the good field in front of you, and then let it come to you, come into you and become a part of your own structure.

Take another deep breath and – well done!

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