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183. Liquid Time Massage

Liquid Time Massage

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Liquid Time Massage.

A beautifully relaxing exercise today, this is also an advanced application of aphasic autogenics. Do the best you can with this, and enjoy it as much as possible.

In a moment, close your eyes, let your head fall backward and with that movement, flip out of your body all the way around as an acrobat would, so you are now standing in your autogenic body behind yourself sitting at your computer.

Now turn around and away, step forward and to the left in order to enter a very extraordinary space, where you will find the time of your life, a smooth flowing column of liquid time that feels warm and giving to the touch.

Place your hands on this and in essence, smooth it, massage it, heal parts if that is needed and stroke it until the whole thing feels vibrant, lively and relaxed.

When youโ€™re done, simply step inside the time of your life and open your eyes โ€“ there you are!

Very well done!

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