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182. Stress Buffer

Stress Buffer

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Stress Buffer.

In the olden days, people used to “save something for a rainy day”.

These days, most people are always up to their overdraft and spend their lives with a financial tightrope act that is causing so much stress that it is getting into health threatening areas.

Especially if it goes on year after year after, day in, day out!

So today, I have two questions for you.

The first is, just how much money would it take for you to have a real practical “stress buffer” so you don’t need to feel the impact of a sudden expense straight into your financial center?

What sum would that be?

Let something come to mind.

Very good.

The second question is, how are you going to set this up, and how long will it be until you have your financial stress buffer in place so that you can take a deep breath and know you are protected?

Take the rest of our 60 seconds to consider that, including a decision to act at the end.

A very important exercise!

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