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181. A Personal Wealth Tonic

A Personal Wealth Tonic

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Personal Wealth Tonic.

Based on the idea that it is possibly to IMPRINT water with intention, we're going to make a wealth tonic today.

In a moment, get a small glass of plain water. If you are far from such comforts, image that you have procured a glass of water, and make it real, and absolutely autogenic, down to the last detail of sensation.

Hold it between the palms of both hands, close your hands firmly around it and then close your eyes.

Make the intention that this water will become your personal wealth remedy by saying or thinking strongly, "This is a personal Wealth Tonic for (Your Full Name)."

So, if your name is Kathryn Amanda Woolcroft, you would say:

"This is a personal wealth tonic for Kathryn Amanda Woolcroft."

Hold your focus for a count of 7, then drink the water.

Track the path of the fresh and energised water all the way into your structure, and notice how it brightens you, clears you and awakens you.


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