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180. What Isn’t This?!

What Isn’t This?!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: What Isn’t This?!.

This is such a fabulous pattern – what ISN’T this like? It has too many uses to mention in our short time here, so we’ll just focus on an old friend, namely problem solving.

In asking the question, “What IS THIS NOT LIKE?” a movement occurs that SHOWS US the solution – in great detail at that.

It shows us a “goal state” and we can from there, track back to what we need to do right now in order to get us towards that goal state.

And that is of course extremely useful!

So, pick something that regularly annoys you or upsets you, that blocks your progress or that is causing chaos in some way in your life.

Get a real sense of what that is for you, the situation, the systems involved and all the human players, and when you have THAT, stop and ask, “What is this NOT AT ALL?”

Immediately, a “counter reality” will come to you, something that shows you how it should be.

Spend our 60 seconds today on making a basic plan how you can move your reality from here to there – something simple and something that will WORK.

Ready, steady – go!

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