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179. What Aren’t You Thinking Of?

What Aren’t You Thinking Of?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: What Aren’t You Thinking Of?.

One of THE most annoying patterns in the world is that question of, “What am I not thinking of, right now, that would solve my problems more or less in an instant?!”

I bet you’ve tried that one, because we often get this notion, this feeling, that there really *is* something out there, and even that you already know what that is, but you just can’t quite get it …

But help is at hand!

There is a pattern which can bust us out of that particularly annoying loop.

And today’s exercise is an example of this pattern.

The question is, “What do I never think about myself?”

And the way to answer is, is to think of ANOTHER PERSON who DOES think these things about THEMSELVES, but who isn’t you!

Pick a hero or champion of yours, and find something that THEY clearly think about themselves, or even SAY about themselves, but that YOU would or could NEVER say or think about yourself – and then BOTH THINK AND SAY EXACTLY THAT!

For example, a supermodel might say in an interview, “Well of course, I was born with this extraordinary natural radiant beauty, but …”

So just say exactly that, as an affirmation or even as a thought and state experiment:

“I was born with the extraordinary radiant natural beauty …” just so you get a sense of how the other half lives, feels, experiences and THINKS.

So pick a context, pick a hero and make this the day where you actually thought and said something that you have never thought or said before!

Great stuff!

Silvia Hartmann

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