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176. Out In The Open

Out In The Open

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Out In The Open.

What is your greatest fear in the business you’re in right now?

If your greatest fear isn’t in the business of making money, but instead, in the business of having successful relationships, in the business of health, or in the business of living in general, you can focus there instead.

Fears we don’t like to think about are like thunderclouds on the back of our heads; they mess up our energy system, our clarity and our ability to work and play happily and with delight.

These “fear clouds” are only a problem when we try to ignore them. Once you get one out in the open, it is actually remarkably easy to dissipate them, stir up a storm of love and trust and have them be gone.

So and in a moment, have a think and a sense about a “great” fear that clouds your life. Don’t worry too much about the contents for fear clouds are ALWAYS stuffed full with all kinds of wild and nightmarish imaginings; that’s their nature.

Instead, pay attention to where this is, and where you can feel it right now; and now you know, call in a storm of bright and clearing energy and let it sweep down upon you, rush straight into and through that fear cloud, break it up, shred it up and blow it clean away.

Continue for the full 60 seconds today to really clear that away, and enjoy the freshness, lightness and brightness that always comes after a clearing thunderstorm.

Work well, and live lightly :-)

Silvia Hartmann

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