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173. Full Body Goal Fun

Full Body Goal Fun

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Full Body Goal Fun.

Brightening up your goals every so often by paying intense attention to them energise your goals and make them easier to manifest; when you do this from different vantage points, you sort of “triangulate” your goals, make them even more REAL and you engage more of your neurology as well.

So today, I want you to think of one of your outcomes for what you are doing, and remember the goal. For argument’s sake, let’s say the outcome so you know you’ve “got it made” is a beautiful house in a beautiful setting, created for you, by you, and from the revenue of your own fair hands and mind in harmony.

Remember to use your own goal creations for this and just follow the principle.

Usually, we tend to just look at the goal or walk around inside the goal construct for a while; today, we are going to find one object that we can pick up, hold, and get very close up and autogenic with, so much so that it becomes completely real in our short but intense meditation to this end.

In a moment, close your eyes and walk into your goal creation. Go straight to the place where this object which you absolutely will own resides, focus all your attention on it and pick it up if that is possible.

Breathe it.

Stroke it.

Touch it.

Feel it.

See it and know it absolutely, and make this a whole body experience that is so real, it might as well be.

Remember to be delighted and “in love” with the object; hold that state for a while, then replace the object and return to here and now.

Excellent work!

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