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172. The Wishing Well Expansion

The Wishing Well Expansion

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Wishing Well Expansion.

We have already done a wishing well related exercise, but you know, sometimes I stand in front of a wishing well and I think to myself, “That little well is NEVER BIG ENOUGH to fulfil what I really want and need.”

So with this in mind, one day I did a meditation and the well became a huge, fantastic, beautiful mountain lake, of that incredible deep turquoise colour that tells you of its immense depth and clarity.


That’s more like it!

Stand before this lake, right now, serenely and by yourself, no-one can hear or see you now or know just what you will be wishing for, and I want you to allow yourself to let well up from deep, deep inside you your deepest and most powerful heart’s desire, a mega wish that is so huge, it will take a majestic lake just like this to handle such a wish.

Let the wish rise up, this immense desire, open your mouth and let it arc out and from you and into the lake, pure powerful energy, and it doesn’t matter how big or powerful that wish is, or what it is, or how impossible it may ever have seemed, the lake can take your wish and it can enfold it, and begin to work its magic.

“To fully acknowledge your heart’s desires is the key to unlock your incarnation.” SFX

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