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171. The Key To Greatness …

The Key To Greatness …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Key To Greatness ….

… lies in a man’s weakness.


Yes, you’ve heard me right. In a person’s weakness.

You see, we all strive very hard to achieve many things in life – everyone does, and that’s a fact.

Most of us strive very hard with more than just one arm tied behind our backs, metaphorically speaking.

There’s certain things we THINK we can’t do, for all sorts of reasons, and so we develop other skills to COMPENSATE somehow, like a blind person will become amazingly good at using their ears and their hands.

That is WHY when someone overcomes a weakness, they don’t just become “normal” but in fact perform all around on a nearly “supernormal” level pretty much immediately – they’ve then got all those compensatory skills AS WELL AS that which they were supposed to compensate for.

And that is a very powerful conjunction.

So, let’s take a deep, deep breath and consider a core weakness that you have, and that you have compensated for probably all your life.

I want you to spend just one minute today thinking about that core weakness again, and to re-assess the situation, and the possibility of strengthening that very thing somehow, improving on it.

ANY improvement in a core weakness of a person makes a HUGE improvement in their overall performance – and that may be rather amazing, but it’s also a fact.

You’re 60 seconds start – now!

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