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17. 60 Second Stress Buster

60 Second Stress Buster

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: 60 Second Stress Buster.

This is a good technique to get you FLOWING โ€“ thinking better, breathing better, more energy and a whole lot less stress.


Put your attention on your body, on your physical feelings for a moment.

Do you feel any tension, any discomfort anywhere?

Slowly track through your body and breathe deeply as you do this.

Now, let your attention become like a soothing warm shower that gently massages and unlocks, loosens, makes these tensions simply dissolve and flow away.

Let them flow out and away, with gravity, down your legs, out of your fingertips, rushing down your spine and falling over your shoulders.

Now, and for the last ten seconds, change the water to be cooler, sparkling, revitalising, refreshing, charging through you and making you tingle all over.

Ready for work!

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