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169. Thinking FORWARD

Thinking FORWARD

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Thinking FORWARD.

Thinking forward isn’t quite the same as forward thinking; it is a skill in and of itself that we use when we don’t want to get ourselves trapped in the past, or if we don’t want to allow an unpleasant NOW to perpetuate itself into the future.

Thinking forward is the key ingredient to all manner of things you might have heard about or even practiced at some time, from “positive thinking” to “goal visualisations”, “prayers” even and many other things.

They all have in common that instead of contemplating how it was, or how IT IS, we contemplate something from the future.

It is a very interesting mental strategy that can get you out of depression, fear, stuckness, and keep your mind sharp and forward focussed to bring about a better future than the present from where we start.

Look around the room you are in and find something that isn’t quite as it should be. It might be something broken, or something untidy; something badly organised or something old or obsolete you just haven’t quite gotten around to do anything about just yet.

Focus in on this and now literally will yourself to SEE that CHANGING and morphing into what it will become in the future, and AFTER any work to achieve this has ALREADY been done.

This is the trick – do not get trapped in seeing yourself getting out the blow torch and laboriously repairing this thing! If you do, you just get depressed and de-motivated again and won’t look at it for another year or two.

See it being COMPLETED.

Hold that steady for a moment, and repeat it with at least one more thing so you get that mental movement down and how to do that.

This is a very interesting and very powerful pattern that creates a massive pull towards a future of your choosing, so well done for this one especially.

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