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166. M-0-N-E-Y


Today's Money Energy Exercise is: M-0-N-E-Y.

Ah, this is great fun!

Allow yourself to have a moment to play with this, because it really is neat and your whole body can enjoy this exercise as well.

Have you heard of the people who chant "Ohm" for inspiration, enlightenment and relaxation?

Well, there's no need at all to be chanting Ohm all the time, the word MONEY is very nice for "toning" as well.


Try it!

Say "Mo . o . n . n . e . e . e. y ..." in an "ohm" sort of a voice, nice and resonant, and make it last for a whole slow 8 beats.

Good! Now we're ready to do this.

Take sixty seconds to say "Money" real slow, eight beats, on the outbreath, and take the same 8 beats to breathe back in, equally slowly, before breathing out the "Money" again.

Relaxing, fun, interesting - cool!

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