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165. Goal Setting To State

Goal Setting To State

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Goal Setting To State.

Now here's a very cool multi-purpose exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere, and the better you get at it, the more uses it has.

Let's start with a nice memory - think of a time when you were feeling great, you were feeling really alive, vibrant, happy for no reason other than it was good to be here, to be you, to look around and breathe the air and just - be.

Got one?


Go into the memory some more until you really feel the resonance of those feelings.

Now, let that memory fade away - but keep the FEELINGS and your state, because they are yours and they have nothing to do with golden beaches or pretty random holiday landscapes.

Hold that state, that feeling, and as you do, say strongly to yourself, "I WANT MORE OF THAT!"

Very good!

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