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164. Roman Roads To Success

Roman Roads To Success

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Roman Roads To Success.

This is a strange but very basic principle, that can be applied to absolutely everything - the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

There was a restaurant chain with many tens of thousands of workers once, and they did a study on the PATHWAYS the workers were taking when they were making the salads and the dressings. They found that by positioning two bowls closer together by just a couple of yards, the workers had to walk 28 THOUSAND miles less in a year!

With all those workers, this little move saved WEEKS of work time and was a fantastic time and money saver.

In everything you do there is a similar possibility for the Roman road principle.

Do you keep your paper for the printer across the room instead of right next to it, for example? At the time, it only seems like a few seconds, a few steps, but you add that up over the years and you too will have expended ENORMOUS unneccessary and unproductive effort.

Today, just give a thought for a moment to your workspace, and things you do a lot of, and see if you can find just ONE thing that if you organised it slightly differently, you would get that Roman road effect of immensely increased effectivity, especially in the long term.

Arrow straight to success - and our 60 seconds start ... now!

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