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159. I Was Young ...

I Was Young ...

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: I Was Young ....

... and I needed the money ...

I just came across this phrase which always makes me chuckle.

Look guys, you might think we're not so young anymore, but if viewed from the perspective of a 95 year old, WE ARE YOUNG.

And we need the money!

So today's 60 seconds, let's spend them on contemplating what kinds of things you absolutely will not do in order to do what needs to be done, if you know what I mean, and possibly re-assess this, look at it afresh.

A lot of our beliefs about what one should or shouldn't do are very old; teenager or younger still, and a lot of our beliefs are formed by bad experiences - which is never a good thing.

I believed for a long time that "selling yourself" was a bad thing; and so I remained essentially entirely "unsold" until I changed my mind on that.

So come on, my good friend.

You're young, and you need the money.

What are you NOW willing and able to do which once was deemed so impossible?

Time starts right now!

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