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157. A Good Spine …

A Good Spine …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Good Spine ….

Yes, that’s right – this one is about the spine of prosperity!


Having a strong spine is the essence of having a strong body – it is a HUGE metaphor in many ways as well.

The spine is cited for denoting the character of a person (and who wants to be “spineless”). A strong back allows you to carry heavy loads if you must; it gives you the flexibility to bend and weave and avoid strikes and blows; you can walk with your head held high, and should you be called upon it or you are in the presence of someone or something that deserves this, you can also bow your head in reverence.

So today, let’s have a strong spine meditation.

In a moment, I’d like you to close your eyes and become aware of a powerful stream of positive energy coming spiralling down, right down into the top of your spine and flowing all around it, embracing it and charging it, strengthening it, bringing it moisture and flexibility, washing away any old tensions or stressors from long ago, all the way down your back, down into the hip region and out into the ground from there.

Where the energy spirals into the ground, it causes another energy to come up in that same spot. This is bright, fresh, lively energy that enters your spine from the bottom and also spirals around and through, at the same time as the energy from above, and this one tingles beautifully as it snakes right up your spine and up and out into the high above.

Sit and breathe as this is happening, move with these sensations and … just enjoy!

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