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155. Back To The Future …

Back To The Future …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Back To The Future ….

This is one of our cool time exercises.

The human mind is amazing in the way it can travel forwards and backwards through time, finding similar experiences and creating patterns of learning from them that help us understand the world and to navigate there, based on the merging of “knowledge” and “experience” which is also known as WISDOM.

Today we have an extra special exercise.

Think forward for a moment to exactly one year from now.

Find yourself there, and from there, look back to now.

There is ONE thing that you can do today, that your future self in exactly one year from now will be absolutely DELIGHTED that you did that.

What is it that you can do today, and easily, at that, that will have that effect on you in one year from now?

What can you initiate, act, create or think about – what will it be?

Close your eyes and take all the time of mind you need to figure it out.

Excellent stuff, and very advanced, so – a special “well done” today!

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