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153. Vanity VS Sanity

Vanity VS Sanity

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Vanity VS Sanity.

I heard it said the other day that “turnover is vanity, and profit is sanity”.

So what’s the point of having a business that turns over 25 million a year – and shows a 6 million LOSS on the balance sheet?

That’s nothing to be proud of!

It’s better to have a business that turns over 10 million, and has a profit of 9.


So today, we’re going to simply sit back and come up with one very obvious way in which you can INCREASE your profit in your business, and you can implement immediately and without much hassle at all.

There are many more ways apart from cutting production costs or raising prices or both; and remember, this is not about increasing your turnover, but about getting more profit from the turnover you already have.

Right – 60 seconds, one idea.

How can YOU increase YOUR profit, immediately?

May you always walk the path of the profits :-)

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