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152. An All Round Nice Guy …

An All Round Nice Guy …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An All Round Nice Guy ….

Most people have two ears, two eyes and a nose. That’s not all they have in common; they mostly have a brain, too, a heart and many other things beside.

Where they differ vastly is in who they THINK they are.

People think of certain “qualities”, “character traits”, they either do or do not possess; and in doing so, of course they limit what they can and cannot do to a correspondingly narrow bandwidth.

So today, we’re going to have a think about “cultivating” a quality or a character trait that you might not think is completely yours – yet.

Cultivating means “to grow” something; to water it, look after it, to weed it once in a while, protect it from predators and give it good fertiliser so it gets to grow into a prize winning, massive specimen.

Let’s get planting that seed!

Think about one of your personal heroes for a moment, and a “quality or character trait” that THEY possess but YOU don’t THINK you have to that extent.

This is the trait we want to cultivate.

For the next 60 seconds, focus on this trait. Remember times when you DID have it, realise that you DO have this, and then come up with some ideas how YOU can “cultivate” this trait, how you make it grow bigger and stronger inside yourself, with every day that passes, until you too have got what it takes to succeed – just like your hero or even way beyond!

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