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151. Don’t Rain On My Parade

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Don’t Rain On My Parade.

I think just about everyone has people in their lives who really like to “rain on your parade”.

You know the kind of people I mean – you come running in and shout, “We’ve just got an order for a hundred books!” and they respond with, “What? Only a hundred? You won’t get rich from that … not in a million years …”


I don’t know why they do this, perhaps they want to help us out by “keeping our feet on the ground” and show their love in that way, but it is as demotivational as beating someone with a stick so they “grow up strong”.

Now and as we don’t have such a person here with us and handy to try this out, let’s use your memories of a time when that sort of thing happened.

But this time, and as soon as the person starts to speak, I want you to imagine a HUGE BIG GOLDEN UMBRELLA going up all around you – because no-one, but absolutely NO-ONE, is allowed to rain on our parades, ever again!

Beneath this umbrella, the golden glow of success remains entirely intact, as does your joy and happiness at your accomplishments.

Right, take 60 – close your eyes, and have a practice, so you’re ready for the next time in real life.

Golden sunshine all around!

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