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150. Knowledge Is Power?

Knowledge Is Power?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Knowledge Is Power?.

No – it isn’t. Knowledge is knowledge! Just as time is time, and not money, and money isn’t either knowledge or power but in fact money, knowledge is just that – but it SURE CAN BE USEFUL

In fact, sometimes, the only thing that stands between a person and a HUGE threshold shift in what they are trying to do is just a teensy little piece of extra knowledge that they didn’t have.

Today, I want you to turn your mind to something you’re stuck with and have been for a while, something that YOU don’t know how to do, or you don’t have the answer to get it unstuck.

Now, have a think where you could get “the piece of knowledge” that would help you in this instance – any ideas? A web search? Are there people who would tell you if you called them up and asked them? Has this been done before and perhaps you can find HOW it has been done by learning from someone who has already successfully achieved this?

Lastly, make plan of action in your mind, right now, that you WILL go out and get yourself THAT piece of knowledge within the next 24 hours, or at least start on the process to go and hunt it down.

That’s very good – and as simple as this is, it is actually one of those “golden keys to success” and those who know how to FIND THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, indeed do become very powerful people in the end – which is what caused the original misconception of knowledge, and power.

Have a FANTASTIC day!

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