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145. Your Personal Ovation

Your Personal Ovation

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Personal Ovation.

This exercise is intriguing, because some people find this really hard.

If you are one of those, take it as a challenge and know that if YOU do this, you’ll probably get MUCH MORE by the way of reward and result from it than those for whom it means nothing.

What I would invite you to do in a moment is to take a deep breath, to get up from your chair, and imagine that YOU are on a stage right in front of you, and you are going to cheer YOU for 60 seconds, flat out, with full enthusiam.

Clap your hands, jump up and down, shout out your own name and whatever comes to your mind, like, “Well done, Silvia! Way to go gal!!! You’re the greatest!! Whooohooo …”

There are two challenges about this exercise.

The first is to shout out your own name and bring in some energy and volume – jump over your own shadows of entrainment today, go do it, it is AMAZING and well worth doing, and it WILL bring a smile to your face, I guarantee it!


Go on! Dig in deep! Keep it up and when you get to the end, RAISE YOUR GAME one more time for the finale.

I can’t recommend this highly enough – so go for it.

Do it NOW!

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