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144. Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Rewarding Customer Loyalty.

This is a special number – 12 x 12, the magic number of 144. So we’ll have something special for today in two ways.

First, let’s take a moment to consider how you reward customer loyalty in your line of business.

Loyal customers are about the best thing any business can have, and they’re just way too often taken for granted when all the attention goes into new customer acquisition.

Rewarding customer loyalty doesn’t have to revolve around cash back rewards; indeed, that is the recourse of business so immensely huge that they couldn’t possibly imagine their customers as being anything else but *numbers*.

A little goes a long way with people, and I’m personally still waiting for someone to say to me, “Dear Dr Hartmann, we’re just writing to THANK YOU for all the videos you have hired from us since you joined BlockBuster in 1996. I hope we have given you good value entertainment and we just wanted you to know we really appreciate your business. Here! Have a free movie on us – and a bag of popcorn, too!”

What might YOUR type of customers appreciate? What do you think you could do to reward your best customers? Or reward them MORE if you are already rewarding them in some way? In the case of the imaginary letter above, I’d say that it was THE THOUGHT that would have been much more valuable to me – I can afford my own popcorn, thank you very much, though what I appreciated was THE GESTURE.

And for the second part of this 144 mail:

I’m going to reward the loyal subscribers to this course from now on with random “Easter Eggs” – little gifts that you can’t buy and they will be just for you.

You’ll find the first link in one of the next messages.

I don’t have to do this, but I WANT TO – because it means a lot to me that YOU are still with us, that you are doing the exercises with us and that you are a part of this group of people all around the world, from literally every imaginable background, who are expressing their will for real wealth.

Blessings and bright champagne sparkles all around,


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