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142. Are You A Good Loser?

Are You A Good Loser?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Are You A Good Loser?.

Today’s exercise is about winning and losing.

How good a loser are you, really?

How do you respond EVERY TIME you lose at something – get rejected when you try to get a date, or in business approach; lose at cards or monopoly; make a bet that loses?

What are your emotions, what your thoughts, and where do feel this in your body?

How willing are you to LOSE?

A lot of people find the experience so painful that they AVOID any situation that could cause the response – and that’s one of the most limiting things in any incarnation as you can imagine.

So in a moment, close your eyes and remember a few times when you have “ventured and lost”. Remember it briefly, then let it flow through and out, so it is gone.

Next time, a challenge comes your way, remember that you can do that and that “losing” isn’t the end of the world, that you’ve survived it time and time again, and that in fact, it is in VENTURING forth again and again, where the real power to success actually lies.

Well done!

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