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139. Your Money Collection

Your Money Collection

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Money Collection.

Yes, it was inevitable – the topic of savings and “saving money” would have to come up, sooner or later …

Now if you don’t have much of a relationship or a good track record with those terms and the activities this denotes, let us consider this in a different light today, namely that of accumulation.

Can you accumulate things?

Books, CDs, dust, empty pizza cartons, single socks, Star Wars figurines?

If you can accumulate anything, then you also know how to accumulate money, you just haven’t thought of it that way before. I’ve talked to a number of people on the topic of savings and those who are the most successful savers convert the money they are saving into a different species of energy altogether – savings money isn’t the money you spend on anything you would normally spend money on, but is in a category by itself instead.

Some people put their savings very practically into gold coins (which you cannot spend at the local supermarket and which thereby makes this difference between saving money and normal money absolutely real!); but also stocks, bonds and shares have a similar function, namely to TAKE SAVING MONEY OUT of the ordinary realms of income and spending.

So today, let’s just take a minute to consider how you can start or improve your “money collection” – your savings.

Simple, but effective.

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