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138. The Well Of Restoration

The Well Of Restoration

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: The Well Of Restoration.

This is a superb exercise in mind and relaxation, clarity and getting to connect with our own inner wisdom, and it’s there, you know, it’s always there, we just sometimes forget in all the swirling and the rushing of the busy, busy days … :-)

In a moment, sit back, let your head fall back and simply transport yourself straight to a place that is perfect and pleasant, safe and superb, the time is right and all is here, including a well pool of the finest, lightest water – this is the well of restoration.

Step up to the edge, kneel down softly and put your hands into the living water; wash your face with it, cup your hands and take a drink from it, and another and as many as you need right now to fill yourself with this exquisite energy in gratitude.

Now, find a soft and comfortable place by the side of the well and go to sleep. Dream and in the dream you can see yourself sleeping there, for as long as you need, for minutes, hours, days or even months for time is not as it might be in other places here, sleep and dream and then awake in your own time, come back to here and now, eyes open, sparkling, wide aware.


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