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137. From Whining To Shining

From Whining To Shining

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: From Whining To Shining.

Today, we have a fun pattern that is an example of how one can turn misery and complaints into proactivity with a bit of practice.

You don’t have to “do” anything different – that just follows on quite naturally as a side effect! – you just have to “think” something different from what you normally do.

In a moment, we will cast our minds to your general situation, and you can choose your business or any other project or arena that is the most urgent for you at this time, where not all is as it should be.

Think of this arena, step into it and note that normally, we might well start to whine:

“I haven’t got enough staff! I can never find the right people! You have to do everything yourself if you want it done right! There’s not enough time in the day! My advertising sucks! I haven’t got the state of the art machinery I so bitterly need … Waaaah …”

Make a list of your top ten “whines”.

Now, take a deep breath and a step back and imagine you were a general, inspecting the troops on parade, or even the barracks and the parade ground, instead.

Take the same – the exact same! – problems that caused the whining and now, call out an order instead, into the environment for all who need to hear this, to hear, so they can get to work and start to sort out the problem.

“Find more staff! Find BETTER staff! Get them to do the work right! Organise your time! Create EXEMPLARY advertising! Get that state of the art machinery!”

This is really good fun and when such a pattern takes hold, it is true that we get to go forward - from “whining” to “shining”!

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