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136. An Invaluable Boost From An Invisible Friend

An Invaluable Boost From An Invisible Friend

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: An Invaluable Boost From An Invisible Friend.

Been working hard, have you?

Time for a moment of R&R?

I think you deserve it โ€ฆ :-)

In a moment, just close your eyes, sit back and relax. Take a deep breath through your nostrils and notice that someone you know well and you like very much is coming behind you, and this person is standing behind you now, putting a hand on your shoulder and they bend down to kiss your head.

They will give you a shoulder massage to relax you and to please you, let all the stress drain away and as they do so, they tell you things you need to hear to make you feel at ease and fully come to live, to rise and shine and be quite perfectly present and aligned to do your work this day.

When your person is done, thank them sincerely and they will go on their way, with a smile โ€ฆ :-)

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