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135. Pluralis Majestatis

Pluralis Majestatis

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Pluralis Majestatis.

This is great fun and just as esoteric as you want it to be.

You know that kings and queens talk of themselves not in the singular, but in the plural โ€“ โ€œWe are not amused โ€ฆโ€?

Now people have many parts to them, although I prefer to call that having many aspects; and aspects can hold divergent opinions and then you get internal conflict.

Itโ€™s a fascinating exercise to speak for once, on behalf of EVERYONE โ€“ even higher aspects, unknown aspects, submerged personalities and whatever else there may be spooking around in our neurologies!

You can do this with any affirmation of course, and it is equally interesting to do; today we are going to make some wealth affirmations for the whole kingdom, and everyone who resides within, without, above and below as well.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me:

We embrace wealth.

We are prosperous.

We are unified.

We are successful.

We are powerful.

We are radiant.

We are wealthy.

Neat, isnโ€™t it?

We wish you a proactive and worthwhile day!

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