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133. Adding Outcome & Purpose

Adding Outcome & Purpose

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Adding Outcome & Purpose.

We often have components in our business and in our lives that are sort of “just there” because they … ahm, “just are”, I guess … but we haven’t really thought about what they are, or why we have them, and more important, what EXACTLY we want them to do for us.

When we think about this a little and ACTIVELY add INTENTION of outcome and purpose, little things like catalogue listings, advertisements and business cards for example take on a whole new meaning – and gain a whole new power for reality creation.

For example, what EXACTLY do you want people to DO when they ...

... read your ad

... take your business card

... visit your web site

... use your product/service?

So today’s exercise is to pick one thing like that you haven’t really thought of in that way and check it out.

Does this component do the job for your business it’s supposed to do? And what changes do you need to make so that it can fulfil its mission?

Great stuff!

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