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132. Either Or To And

Either Or To And

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Either Or To And.

This pattern is one of these globally useful thought processes that once you have used them a few times, can significantly enhance your pleasure in life and put your profits through the roof.

We simply pick any “either or” conflict and instead of getting stuck in a tug of war, we consider HOW the “and” can be achieved.

I can either take a holiday or start a new project …

… becomes …

I want to take a holiday AND start a new project.

That creates a completely different question and way of thinking that allows us to FIND CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to all sorts of previously stuck “battle scenarios”.

So, what’s your current “either or” tug of war?

Replace it with the “and” and spend just 60 seconds in trying out the new configurations and ideas that produces.

Excellent work!

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