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129. Adding Benefits For Your Customers

Adding Benefits For Your Customers

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Adding Benefits For Your Customers.

Businesses that go the extra mile for their customers have better bottom line results.

But this principle is general; if you don't have a business, you can use this exercise to add benefits for your boss (who is the customer of your daily work and pays you for it) or your husband, or wife.

Here's an example.

I was consulted by a graphic artist on how to improve sales and contracts, especially in the field of online publishing. They were making book and CD covers as their speciality.

Their set charge for a cover was around $100 and I suggested that once they had the design down, it didn't take very long to export the cover graphic into a number of different sizes and formats, for web publishing, for catalogue entries, for print copy, postcards and so forth.

Now, the customer gets instead of one image two DOZEN images of all shapes and sizes they can use in all sorts of places - a wonderful benefit to the customer and very little extra work for the designer.

He put up his prices to $125, added the benefit and got a lot more customers.

So in a moment, take a moment to consider how in your business, for very little extra effort (and often NO effort at all!) YOU can give YOUR customer some really valuable, useful additional benefits that will also help in your marketing, as well as in customer relations, AND which make YOUR business stand out from the crowd.

Benefits ahoy!

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