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127. A Screen Saver For Your Mind

A Screen Saver For Your Mind

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: A Screen Saver For Your Mind.

This is a really funny technique for clearing unwanted thoughts from your mind which I developed by accident, but which works beautifully.

You can use this:

- To get rid of nagging thoughts that keep disrupting your concentration;

- To get yourself out of some state of annoyance, anger or misery you find yourself in;

- As a viable alternative late at night to counting sheep;

- To de-stress instantly;

- And to clear your mind so you have nothing standing in the way between you and a project, task, screen or audience you want to put your full attention on.

It’s very simple but quite beautiful.

In a moment, I am going to tell you a little simple rhyme, about a Tumbleweed.

As you read through it, I want you to speak it our aloud, and as you do, you can see and feel a Tumbleweed rolling into your awareness from the far left.

It will roll all across in front of you, directly in line with your vision, until it gets to the far right when it will simply dissolve into nothingness – leaving you with a fresh, blank mental screen and ready to interact with what’s out there.

Try this, it’s way cool:

Tumble, tumble, tumble weed

Tumble, tumble, tumble weed

Tumble, tumble, tumble weed

Tumbleweed of nothingness …

You can repeat this a few more times in moments of extreme stress …:-)

Have an excellent day in every way!

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