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126. More Is Better?

More Is Better?

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: More Is Better?.

Sometimes, more is better. Not always, but there are certainly situations where more needs to be done in order to get more in the way of results.

Casanova, for example, chatted up on average between 12 and 25 women – EVERY SINGLE DAY, rain or shine and wherever he went.

That’s a lot of women who said no – but he just got the average of those who said “YES!” up in the same way to the degree that the good man is now a legendary lover and EVERYONE knows his name!

Some people write three articles a year. I sometimes write three articles A DAY, and sometimes even more than that (but I also take days off, as I’m sure Casanova did, on occasion!). The point is that when you do something A LOT, you get a lot better at it; it isn’t a “big deal” anymore and a flow valve opens up along the line where new ideas and opportunities just stream to you quite happily and without further ado.

So today’s 60 second exercise is for you to wonder where it might be in your life or business, if you simply did something you already do, but FAR MORE REGULARLY and more often, that you would put your actual RESULTS through a major threshold and straight into lots, and LOTS of success.

What might that be …?

Very good!

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