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125. Three Questions For Success

Three Questions For Success

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Three Questions For Success.

Do you remember the “thought flow” technique from an earlier exercise?

We held out our hands and imagined a sphere, and we streamed our troubles into that, then we lifted it physically up and threw it backwards over our heads.

This is a very useful technique to get movement into all sorts of stuck and entrenched places in our minds, and today, we’re going to use to “hand over” 3 questions that we simply haven’t been able to find an answer to, no matter how hard we tried.

In this case, each question gets its own sphere and as soon as the question is inside the sphere, you hand it over; take a couple of deep breaths, rub your hands and make the next sphere to hand over the next question.

It’s easy and fascinating, so let’s go!

What is your FIRST question?

What is your SECOND question?

What is your THIRD question?

Watch out for the answers in the days that follow … :-)

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