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122. Super Wealth Symbols Exercise

Super Wealth Symbols Exercise

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Super Wealth Symbols Exercise.

Hmmm … a meta-metaphor today!

In a moment, sit back, close your eyes and woosh forward and out, fast and high and thus, transport yourself to place, a palatial place that you own, and we will set down in a wide and cool corridor, facing a strong and ornate door behind which lies a room, that holds all the symbols of your wealth.

As the door opens with a rushing, gentle sound, do step inside. You will find along the wide walls that there are spaced out, seven plynths of many different shapes, each perfect to support an object.

Seven symbols of wealth, seven metaphors – and these are yours, and have been waiting for a long time for you to come and claim them, take them, make them your own and know that these belong to you by right of birth and right of action too.

Slowly, walk along and stand before each object on its plinth, one at a time. Pick it up briefly, touch it and make contact, take a deep breath and then, move on.

Which one is the first?


And …


And …


And …


And …


And …


And …

Seven …

Look down the hall and see them all, know them all, let your head fall back, close your eyes and …

Return to work and live in Even Flow.

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