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120. Your Perfect Customer

Your Perfect Customer

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Your Perfect Customer.

Every business has its customers, and today, we’re going to consider who YOUR perfect customer is.

Just answer quickly and without thinking too much about it and let’s create your perfect customer now, someone who will be totally excited by your products or services, with their credit card, cheque book or bag of gold at the ready, just waiting for you to make contact with them!

Who is YOUR perfect customer?

Male or female?

How old?

What are they wearing?

What do they want from you?

Where do they come from?

Now, take just a moment to ask your perfect customer just where you can find more of their kind, many more, and listen with care what they have to tell you.

Neat exercise, and something you can do again, and often – it strengthens your connection to and understanding of your customers and gives you many good and creative new ideas.


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