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119. JVs Are Where The Money Lies …

JVs Are Where The Money Lies …

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: JVs Are Where The Money Lies ….

The magic letters JV …

They stand for “joint venture” and that’s where your business takes off into whole new realms if you understand the principles of “peer to peer” co-operation.

But joint ventures are not only gigantic, multi-mega dealings and wheelings amongst the super rich – a joint venture is just a trade, that’s all.

If two authors get together and review each other’s book, or trade web links, or even mention each other in each other’s newsletters, that’s already a JV – and you can see how powerful that is.

So today’s 60 seconds, let’s spend them on thinking up ONE JV that you can set into motion right away, simply by sending an email or picking up the phone and proposing a simple but mutually beneficial trade to a friend or an acquaintance, or even a stranger who might be perfect for a little JV this day.

“From little JVs great improvements grow …” SFX

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