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117. Bbbut - That’s Not Fair!!

Bbbut - That’s Not Fair!!

Today's Money Energy Exercise is: Bbbut - That’s Not Fair!!.

Yesterday, I learned an important lesson about dealing with reality.

I was using a new programme to submit articles and it kept bouncing them back at me.

First, they were too long – only 2000 words allowed!

Then, a poem was too short – at LEAST 300 words needed!

Finally, a particularly poignant headline was not wordy enough – AT LEAST 3 words were demanded!

I wailed, “That isn’t fair!”

And then I laughed because I got it that *if* I want these articles to go out there, I need to ADJUST MYSELF to those existing rules – or else I won’t be able to play that particular game.

So our 60 second exercise today is this.

What and where have you stopped playing because you thought something wasn’t “fair” or as it should have been?

And what and where, if you simply changed your mind, dropped the attitude and went back and “played within the rules” would really benefit you, right here, right now?

Food for thought, indeed … :-)

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